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The 7 Best Keto Snacks to Save You On-the-go

on the go keto snacking

Where’s the easiest place to eat keto?

At home of course!

You’ve got your recipes and keto-friendly foods.

But what about on-the-go…?

It can be a scary world out there when hunger strikes!

But don’t worry.

In this article, we’ll cover 7 common on-the-go situations and share the #1 keto snack to save you every single time.

Ready? Let’s do it!

The Best Keto Snack at the Gas Station: Volpi Roltini Singles

Volpi Singles

Maybe you’re on a road trip. Or maybe it’s late at night when hunger strikes.

The gas station is your only option.

Usually, a sea of unhealthy food, gas stations have WAY more keto-friendly options than you might expect.

And none are better than Volpi Roltini Singles.

These handy snacks take two of the best keto foods – meat and cheese – and roll them up into a tasty on-the-go snack.

They come in 3 varieties – mozzarella cheese paired with either pepperoni, salami, or prosciutto.

By using fatty Italian meats, they have much better macros than other meat snacks like jerky. And we can all agree that snacking on meat AND cheese is way better than snacking on just one or the other...

Can’t find them? Pork rinds, string cheese, and salted nuts are all great alternatives you can find at almost any gas station.

The Best Keto Snack at the Airport: Blue Diamond Almonds

keto snacks on the go

You’re about to be crammed on a flight for the next few hours. The only thing that could make it worse is to sit there hungry...

So what do you do?

Take overpriced airport food to your seat? Eat plane food?! No way!

Grab a satisfying keto snack instead. You’ve got plenty of options – and our favorites are the Blue Diamond Almonds.

Almonds have perfect keto macros right out of the bag. And Blue Diamond – with bold flavors like tangy Salt & Vinegar and Smokehouse BBQ will keep you satisfied no matter how long your flight is.

You can find these at most airport newsstands – Hudson News and 7-11 are two common ones to look for.

And can’t find the Blue Diamonds? Wonderful Pistachios are our #2 pick or you can always go with any other low-sugar nut mix.

The Best Keto Snack at Fast Food: Cheeseburger, hold the bun, hold the sauce

keto snacks to go

You know those busy days when you are running around town like crazy? Sometimes fast food is your only option.

But with all the french fries and frying oil, there can’t be anything keto-friendly… right?

Think again! Here’s a secret you can use to order at almost any fast food restaurant…

Cheeseburger. Hold the bun. Hold the sauce.

You get all the best parts: juicy patties, melted cheese, and crispy pickles, onion, and tomato. You’ll just need to ditch the starchy bun and sugar-loaded sauces that will ruin your macros for the day (though we agree the sauce can be tough to give up!).

Sauce, mustard, mayo, or a small amount of ketchup are all great to liven up your burger.

Try asking for a lettuce wrap to avoid greasy hands. For our west coast friends, you know it as the In-N-Out cheeseburger protein style ;)

But whether it’s a Big Mac, Whopper or Wendy’s Baconator – this order will let you snack clean on-the-go even at fast food.

The Best Keto Snack in the Vending Machine: Planters Salted Peanuts

keto snacks to buy on the go

You scan the rows of Doritos, candy bars and cinnamon buns looking for just one keto option.

Hunger is here. And the vending machine is your only option. These are dire times!

Just look for that friendly blue package of:

Planters Salted Peanuts.

These classic snacks are the best keto snack you’ll find in a vending machine. They’re real food, unprocessed, and have perfect keto macros right out of the bag. You’ll even get a nice electrolyte boost from all the salt.

And of course – they’re delicious and sure to satisfy salty snack cravings.

Can’t find Planters? You can usually find a generic trail mix though be warned many of these contain raisins, cranberries, and other sugary fruits. Of course, you can always eat around them :)

The Best Keto Snack at the Movie Theatre: The Loaded Hot Dog

loaded theater dog for keto

Warm buttery popcorn. All your favorite childhood candies. Sodas bigger than you can hold.

The movie theatre is one of the hardest places to be when cravings strike.

But fortunately, they usually serve one satisfying American classic…

Hot dogs!

Just hold the bun and load up with your favorite toppings: shredded cheese, spicy mustard – even bacon pieces.

But what if you’re craving a sweet fix or the salty crunch of popcorn?

Hot dogs ain’t gonna do it. You’re going to have to sneak in your own snacks…

And we might be biased, but there’s no better keto movie theatre snack than our own Crunchy Cheese Mix. With crunchy cheese and bold flavors like Sweet Strawberry, Nacho Cheddar, and Spicy Jalapeno, it’s the perfect craveable snack to kick back and enjoy the movie.

And besides, they’ll never catch you sneaking it in :)

The Best Keto Snack at the Gym: Jerky

keto snacks at the gym

After a long run or hard workout at the gym, your body craves one thing...


Keto is a moderate protein diet but after a workout, you’ll want a bit more protein to help your body recover.

You could grab a protein bar at the gym but those are usually full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other nasty ingredients.

So if you want a natural and 100% keto solution reach for:


Jerky is free of carbs and loaded with essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, and vitamin B12, all of which support your energy levels. And most important – jerky is a natural, real food option.

Just watch out for brands selling overly processed jerky with added sugars. If you can find it, grass-fed beef is the most natural and nutritious option.

You may find jerky sold at your gym or you can order these best-selling beef sticks on Amazon. Keep them in your bag anytime you need a high-protein keto snack on-the-go.

The Best Keto Snack to Take to Work: Macadamia Nuts
keto macadamia nuts

The alarm goes off. You're running late to work. No time for eggs and bacon.

We’ve all had those days. But what do you grab to snack on?

Macadamia nuts are our #1 snack to grab while running out the door.

Macadamia’s have the highest fat / lowest carb content of any nut. They’re like nature’s fat bombs. Just a handful of them will give you the fat you need to make it through a long day at work.

And with their rich, buttery taste, they make an irresistible keto snack on-the-go.

You can find macadamia nuts at your local grocery store or on Amazon (just remember to go roasted and salted).

Bottom Line

You don’t have to fear hunger on the go.

With these 7 snacks, you’ll have a delicious and keto-friendly solution for any situation away from home.

Let us know in the comments – what’s your favorite keto snack on-the-go?!

To your health,

Ben & Brandon


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