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Keto Chick-fil-A Style Fried Chicken Tenders

keto fried chicken

This recipe was inspired by Megan at The Mermaid with Muscles and included in our Top 10 Keto Snack Recipes of 2018 roundup.

You’re craving the savory crunch of fried chicken.

But you don’t want to fall off your diet gorging at Chick-fil-A (or maybe it’s Sunday…).

What do you do?

Recreate the classic with this healthy recipe!

These Keto Chick-fil-A Style Fried Chicken Tenders swap breading for protein powder (really!) and peanut oil for avocado oil – so you get all of the flavor and none of the guilt.

And the secret to recreating Chick-fil-A’s magic? Marinating for hours in a jar of pickle juice.

You won’t believe how close to the real thing these are.

Just be sure to eat with heaping portions of your favorite dipping sauce. We loved these in good ol’ ranch, but you can try a keto honey mustard or your own copycat Chick-fil-A sauce.


The Recipe

Yields: Prep Time: Total Time:
4 servings


Qty: Item:
chicken breast tenders
24 oz
pickle jar
2 scoops 100% whey protein powder, unflavored
¼ cup
grated parmesan
2 eggs
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp paprika
1 qt avocado oil for frying


1 Marinate chicken strips in pickle juice for at least 1 hour
2 In small bowl, mix protein powder, parmesan cheese, paprika, salt and pepper
3 Beat eggs in separate bowl
4 Heat avocado oil over medium-high heat
5 Dip chicken tenders in egg and then coat evenly with breading mixture
6 Fry chicken tenders until cooked through, about 3 minutes per side

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Calories: Fat: Net Carb: Protein:
240 12g 0g 30g

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